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Royal Dragon Guarantee

We guarantee that our breeding is carried out ethically and we have done everything possible to provide you with a pup that has been given the best of care, in a clean family environment.

Our breeding dogs are healthy and have been tested for hereditary diseases that have been known to affect their particular breed, such as hip dysplasia (Cane Corso) and PRA (Dachshunds) etc. This will rule out or at least minimise the likelihood of the pups we produce being affected by a hereditary disease. 


In the unfortunate and unlikely event your pup (under 12mths) develops a debilitating hereditary disease and the cause is directly related to our breeding, we will assist financially by refunding the full purchase price of the pup, or part there-of depending on the extent of the health issue. The issue must be reported to us immediately and the diagnosis confirmed by a Vet enlisted by us. If you have done everything correctly to raise a healthy dog, in mind and body we will do whatever we can to assist you if a problem arises that is a direct result of the dog’s breeding. However, please note we cannot be held responsible for things out of our control.


Royal Dragon Kennels offers support, and advice to assist you in raising a healthy and happy lifelong family companion. We have learnt a lot over the years about our dogs through trial and error and we are happy to help wherever possible, however we are not Veterinarians or animal behaviourists so please seek professional help where needed.


If for any reason you are considering re-homing your pup/dog, please contact us asap and we will endeavour to assist you in any way that we can.