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Finding the best breed for you

What breed of dog will best suit your family and lifestyle?


Research! The internet is a fantastic tool to use to find useful and important information on a breeds suitability for your family and lifestyle. If you have any concerns that relate to a breeds health or behaviour you may find it beneficial to seek further advice from a professional such as a Veterinarian, animal behaviourist or a qualified dog trainer.


Over the years dogs have been bred to fulfil many roles. Therefore, the most useful information you can get, about any breed, will relate to its history. Learning about the origin of a breed will show you what it was bred to do and this will help you understand and appreciate its temperament, structure and conformation. It will also give you an insight into what the breed requires to keep it happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.


Apart from the traits displayed by various breeds, there are other factors which will influence a dog's temperament. Factors such as the environment in which it has been kept and the type of socialising it has received. These factors will play a part in moulding and enhancing the dogs temperament and subsequent behaviour. 

Below are links to information about the Cane Corso and Dachshund breeds. The material in these sites is easy to read and will give you a better understanding of the breeds. If you are considering owning one of these breeds, I recommend you also undertake further research.



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